“Facebook stock price will jump to 115$ by the beginning of 2016″

Joseph Grinkorn, A Wall-Street investment expert and the CEO of the Morris Group companies: “Facebook has positioned itself as the most dominant company in the social media sector with a shared user database of over 3.1 Billion costumers worldwide in all of its companies combined”

New York, April 2, 2015 – Facebook and its subsidiaries, currently dominate the social networking world. The use of parallel multiple platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram will further increase the number of users as well as increase the average usage time per user, resulting in an increase in revenues. “I estimate that Facebook has an appreciation potential of 40% to the target price of 115$ per share which is expected to by the beginning of 2016”,

states Joseph Grinkorn, Wall Street investment expert and Morris Group CEO, who added that a clear example of Facebook’s growth is the acquisition of Instagram: while many raised their eyebrows about the purchase of a billion dollars’ worth in 2012, today Grinkorn evaluates Instagram alone at $ 40 billion.

Grinkorn explained that Facebook and its leading subsidiaries currently serve about 3.3 billion monthly users; about half of them use Facebook, 800 million users for WhatsApp, 600 million users on Facebook Messenger and another 300 million users through Instagram. Facebook and its subsidiaries are the dominant player in each category of social networking, WhatsApp in the instant messaging field, Facebook and Instagram in the field of pictures and video sharing, Grinkorn added that another number which can give some idea about Facebook’s phenomenal success is that of its Messenger software, today about 10% of all electronic conversations held using VoIP network are done via Facebook Messenger.

Facebook’s goal is to reach a point where everybody in the world uses at least one of its applications associated with the company. To do this, Facebook will have to expand its penetration in to China and Third World countries, but there is no doubt that the number of users on its platforms will continue to grow.

Grinkorn said that Facebook is focusing on communication between its users and Person to Business. Facebook and Messenger will allow the company to charge for the purchase of products through Facebook and further target advertising to users on Facebook. All activities of Facebook today will result in one future, businesses and users will increasingly use Facebook as a social network, a place to keep in touch, but also as a place trade and consume advertisements parallel to content which is already abundant on Facebook. Here Facebook expands the competition for its share of the digital advertising pie growing at the expense of Google.

Grinkorn noted that not only is Facebook competing against Google but also with Apple. The company began a pilot project that allows the transfer of money between users through Facebook’s Messenger platform, allowing Facebook to enter the market of electronic wallets an important and growing market, which all companies marked as the next growth engine. I would not be surprised if in the future Facebook will launch a credit system for its users.

Grinkorn also discussed the development of the content channels that Facebook wants to create in the near future. Facebook wants to increase the amount of content on the page through its partnerships with organizations such as BuzzFeed, The New York Times and others, once the first two contracts will be signed, the road to share content on Facebook for almost all content providers around the world will be short. Then, more content on Facebook will lead to more time on Facebook for users and ultimately lead to an increase in revenues allowing Facebook to sell more advertisements. The bottom line Is: Facebook is here to stay and grow and consolidate its position in the social media market with the world’s largest number of users.

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