Morris Group CEO: “Alibaba stock could increase by up to 50%”, giving the stock a target price of 140 USD

Joseph Grinkorn, Wall Street investment expert and Morris Group CEO: “This number reflects a potential value for Alibaba of 350 billion USD during 2016; Alibaba is on the way towards an unprecedented number of transactions of over one trillion dollars”

New York, June 08, 2015 – Alibaba’s shares have an upside potential of 50% to a value of 140 USD per share. This number represents an increase in market value of 350 billion USD during 2016. According to Joseph Grinkorn, Wall Street investment expert and Morris Group CEO, who stated that despite Alibaba being a relatively new player on Wall Street with its shares trading only this year, Alibaba is already a company with the potential to be greater than Wal-Mart, eBay and Amazon together over the coming years.

Grinkorn explains that Alibaba operates in the Chinese e-commerce market and estimates that by 2018 the e-commerce market in Japan, Europe and the United States together will be smaller than the entire Chinese market. Currently, China alone has 400 million customers who purchase products via the Internet and Grinkorn estimates that in the course of up to 3 years, we will see a doubling of that number to 800 million customers in the Chinese market.

Grinkorn estimates that, during 2015, Alibaba is expected to present an astonishing number of transactions accumulating a trillion US dollars, making it the largest e-commerce company in the world.

Additionally, Grinkorn mentioned the company’s expansion strategies. For example, businesses working with Alibaba are receiving access to its cloud service which is a Chinese version of Amazon’s Web services. In the near future, Alibaba plans to compete with companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft in the Cloud Services field.

Furthermore, apart from the Chinese market, Alibaba is expanding through the use of Ali Express and investments in other US companies such as Zulily, Shoprunner and, all direct competitors of Amazon itself the main competitor to Alibaba’s global model.

Grinkorn added that Alibaba will enjoy large profits at the rate of about 15 billion USD, which are expected to arrive from investments in Internet, social media and technology companies like the messaging app SnapChat, Lyft- a shuttle service similar to UBER, messaging and call apps Tango, and game company Kabam.

Grinkorn concluded by saying “in today’s market it is important to choose stocks selectively. In my opinion, Alibaba should be in a portfolio exposed to Wall Street in the technology sector due to it being the leading company in its field with assured expansion prospects, alongside a board who is making the correct decisions in order to allow the company to continue to expand and grow globally.”

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