Morris Group Financial is an investment firm that specializes in equity investments for social media companies and developers.  Created in 2007, The Morris Group focuses on investment in social network websites and applications that are in the early to mid and late stages of development.

We at Morris Group Financial believe that social media is the future of technology and communication. Our mission is to foster growth in the social media market. We invest in social network companies that connect people, family, and friends in a way that is entertaining, educational, and informational. We at The Morris Group believe that social media is the future of technology and communication.

THE MORRIS GROUP FINANCIAL is a company founded by Mr. Joseph Grinkorn, a self-made successful businessman who posses’ over 20 years of experience in the world of finance. For the past 6 years Mr. Grinkorn has focused on social media investments, using his expertise to help facilitate and consult on some of the biggest deals on the private market. He has also spent this time preparing The Morris Group to shift its focus towards macro social media investments. Mr. Grinkorn’s goal is to establish The Morris Group as a market leader in social network finance and consulting. He serves as the company’s principal because of his vast knowledge of these markets and commitment to helping THE MORRIS GROUP FINANCIAL become a leading resource for companies who are seeking social network funding.

Under his leadership, Mr. Grinkorn has directed high-level strategic planning to drive business development and innovative expansion initiatives. He has made some of the boldest predictions regarding social media and technology stocks on Wall Street for the past several years, by which he has been branded as one of the “ultimate stock pickers” in the market.

Mr. Grinkorn’s successes can be attributed to his strategic management style which has earned him and his companies a number of recognition and accolades over the past 20 years.